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Pie Your Face Challenge

We have created a fun campaign for anyone to participate by taking our challenge
By supporting this campaign you will leave a life-long impact on victims you help liberate
The magnitude of your voluntary contribution is immeasurable. Please visit our campaign site here: CLICK HERE


The Goal

  • Raise awareness, and provide resources and education to society

  • Your donation will result in the rescue of girls out of the sex-slave industry

The "Pie Your Face Challenge" is fun and will help liberate victims from the sex-slave industry. Are you up for the challenge? CLICK HERE

Role Prey Feature Film

Role Prey is a Three-Film Trilogy that is the driving force of the campaign. We will make continual financial contributions to organizations who actively liberate victims from the sex-slave industry. The first installment "Role Prey" is planned for release in 2021. Role Prey will be the most important film of our time.


The protagonist of Role Prey, Role Prey II (working title) and Role Prey III (working title) is the brilliantly hilarious and exceptionally spirited Zoey Kekoa. She is a comic genius and multi-instrumental musician. Her songs, wit, and low-brow humor causes laughter on and off the stage.

As one of the most powerful female leads of our time, Zoey is the conduit by which the Role Prey trilogy delivers its motif of women empowerment while bringing to light the tragedy of sexual assault that one in five women statistically experience. 13% of female rape survivors attempt suicide and numerous die by suicide.

Role Prey, in association with Acclaim Films, strives to drop this number drastically. We plan on achieving this altruistic goal by raising awareness via our three films.

The first and second Role Prey feature films follow Zoey and her friends on their comedic, yet heartfelt and emotional journey, as they strive to imprison their rapist and would-be murderer.

In the final film, we follow the back-story of Zoey's experience as a child and teen; and the other players, as they struggle to bridle their rage and do right by the law in taking down several of the most evil men ─not in the fashion of fantasy ─but in the real world. These actors represent one of the world’s greatest evils.

Role Prey III will be the pinnacle of emotional connection with our viewers as the other films have built up to this grand finale, providing the impassioned apex that will inspire generations to come.


Our actors and actresses are impassioned individuals ─morally centered, and seeking to make an impact on the heinous crime of kidnapping and sex-slavery.


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