"Role Prey" Feature Film
      A Hilarious Musical/Comedy/Thriller

The Role Prey movie trilogy is the continual driving force of our project
as we contribute to organizations rescuing victims out of the
sex-trafficking industry with your incredible help!

FACT: an estimated 40.3 million people are victims of sex-slavery around the world

FACT: sex-slavery generates about $150 billion every year

FACT: sex slavery is when someone uses force or intimidation to cause another person to perform a commercial sex act

FACT: sex-slavery is an issue we cannot magically wipe away but we have an amazing strategy to raise awareness and help stop this heinous crime

FACT: victims of sex-slavery may be falsely promised jobs, forced into sexual slavery by someone they know, or kidnapped
FACT: between our film and YOU we will make a massive impact on the plague of sex-slavery: CLICK HERE





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